An excellent kitchen is essential. But its practicality must also be taken into consideration, along with its overall appearance which can affect the atmosphere and the feel of your kitchen. Natural stone is the best choice to have as a benchtop. Its versatility can add aesthetic features to your kitchen. These benchtops are considered as chart-topping enhancements for your kitchen space.

Natural Stone

Choosing the best natural stone benchtop for your kitchen can be surprisingly hard because there are plenty of varieties to select. Here are some stones most commonly used as benchtops:

  • If you want a powerful benchtop, granite is the best option for you. Its resistance to heat is very impressive. This mineral’s remarkable toughness comes from the solidification and the slow cooling of the Earth’s magma. But granite is absorbent. Application of sealant is necessary to avoid getting stained.
  • Dark coloured benchtops are also a hit in the kitchen industry. Slate is the material used to make these benchtops. Its ravishing looks makes it very diverse, and it could match any style. Slate can tolerate any temperature in the kitchen. Before choosing this kind of material, there are also things to consider. Slate is brittle, so you have to be very careful not to hit it with something hard. It’s also less porous than granite. Rich black granite is also used for dark coloured benchtops, but the slate is cheaper and budget friendly.
  • If you want something that is very pleasant and delectable to the eyes, limestone benchtops are the most preferred benchtop for you. Its beautiful patterns provide the best eye candy to those people who encounter this kind of benchtop. On the other hand, this material requires regular sealing just like some stone tiles. It also has heavy reactions to acidic liquids like lemon juice and vinegar. Spills should also be wiped instantly, and you also need a designated cleaner for calcite-rich materials.
  • Lastly, if you want an exquisite kitchen, marble is the most luxurious and delicate stone to have as a benchtop. Its delicacy is very irresistible. However, marble is calcite-rich and porous. It also reacts to acid badly. You need to avoid sharp movements to refrain from damaging the surfaces. If you’re willing to spend money to maintain its elegance, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Conclusively, it all ends up to your budget and the style of your kitchen. Choosing the best benchtop is a great investment. If you decide on selling your house in the future, the return in your investment will make you very satisfied. Go for the benchtop that will benefit you and your family. Contact Medici Marble & Granite today if you need help on which stone benchtop should you choose for your home.

Contact Medici Marble & Granite today if you need help on which stone benchtop should you choose for your home.

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