We receive a lot of questions about our stone benchtop installation, especially concerning cost. Although it’s difficult to quote without a survey of your premises, the answers to the following common questions should serve as guidelines and give you an idea what to expect:

How Much Does Stone Benchtop Installation Cost?

The cost of installing your stone is a factor of how many hours it takes our team to complete the project. Factors that affect this include:

Size & Complexity – larger, more complex jobs will take longer than smaller, simpler jobs. In particular, the number of joins necessary increases the time needed, because if these need to be perfect.
Site Access – if the work area is hard to access more time will be spent lifting and moving the stone. This can add significant time if stone needs to be brought outside again for trimming.
Adjustments – Our stone is cut perfectly straight; unfortunately, not all walls are finished to the same level of precision. When there’s a mismatch between the wall and the stone our team will need to either chisel out the wall or trim the stone. This adds time.
Polishing – Certain features, such as splashbacks and mitred-waterfall ends, cannot be polished until they are on site. Polishing doesn’t take that much time, but it adds up for large projects.

Installation for smaller jobs typically falls into the range of $X to $Y, while larger jobs normally cost at between $Z and $A. Please note that these are guidelines only and represent averages; your project may fall outside these ranges.

The best way to find out how much your installation costs is to contact us online for your free quote or call our team on (08) 9303 2697.

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For The Installation?

Our teams will bring everything they need for your installation, all you need to do is to make sure there’s access to the site and that the area is clean and clear ready for work. If possible, avoid scheduling other trades to work in the same area at the same time, as this can drastically increase the time it takes to fit.

Will There Be Many disruptions In The House During The Process?

Our teams will aim to minimize disruption whenever possible, but some noise and disruption is inevitable. The worksite itself will be a no-go area while fitting is in progress, so if you’re having new worktops fitted in your kitchen, you may want to consider making lunch in advance or finding an alternative arrangement!

Our teams are neat and tidy and will put down sheets to protect your home décor where necessary. The messiest task is trimming stone, which we will always do outside if possible.

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