Redoing a kitchen or bathroom, or planning one’s creation, is an exciting process. You have many choices before you, and few as significant as choosing the material for your benchtop.

There are countless materials you could choose, but few as stunning and memorable as marble. Many a homeowner and restaurant owner have chosen marble benchtops to create a kitchen or bathroom that is as breathtaking as it is functional.

Why Marble?

Marble has been used as a building material for literally thousands of years. Its beauty and strength have truly stood the test of time.

And when you learn all of the many benefits of using marble, it is easy to see why it has made such a lasting impression and earned such a permanent and honored place in building projects.

Some of marble’s benefits include:

  • Beauty: marble is a natural stone formed from limestone or dolomite that is exposed over time to intense heat and pressure deep within the earth. As it develops, impurities within the stone solidify. These are what form the beautiful veins throughout marble that make it so unique and beautiful.

    Marble comes in a variety of colors. Because each slab is naturally formed within the earth, every single slab has its own beautiful design of veins and swirls throughout it.

    Marble will never fail to catch and engage the eye with its elegant and powerful beauty.

  • Light and sheen: in addition to the above beauty points, marble also possesses a sheen that reflects light, adding an ambiance to the room it is in. It adds a brightness that cannot be imitated or matched by any other material.
  • Elegance and luxury: it is undeniable that marble carries a status with it. It cannot help but do so, after thousands of years of being used in some of the most significant historical buildings and works of art.

    When you add marble to your home or business, you create an atmosphere of elegance and luxury that it carries with it.

  • Unique: as discussed above, marble forms naturally over time. As a result, every marble slab is going to have unique characteristics to where, when, and exactly how and what materials it was formed by.

    So when you add marble into your plans, you add a signature look that cannot be duplicated by any means possible.

  • Surprisingly more affordable than other natural stone materials: despite the status it carries, marble is surprisingly affordable. It is cheaper than most natural stone, including granite, because it is more readily available.
  • Increase value of property: because of its beauty, value, and durability, adding marble benchtops to your property will seriously raise its value.
  • Lasts: marble has already stood the test of time, and your marble benchtops will too, especially when properly treated and cared for.

Medici’s Marble Benchtops

At Medici’s Marble & Granite, we are thrilled to be a part of your building and/or renovation plans.

Marble especially is our specialty. We take great pride in offering a wide variety of marble colors and styles for you to choose from.

We offer over 20 different marble colors and styles. They range from very white, to off white, light browns, browns and blacks, each with its own unique patterning and veining. We want you to have the exact marble benchtop that fits your kitchen and style perfectly.

We also apply our expertise to offer a variety of edge profile options when you order your marble benchtops from us. This allows you to have an even more polished and unique look, as well as the best edge for your needed function.

Choosing the Right Marble for Your Project

Are you having trouble choosing the right color and style for your marble benchtop? Visit our online showcase and visit our store to see for yourself what we can do for you.


Marble Countertops Perth


Marble Countertops Perth


Marble Countertops Perth


Marble Countertops Perth


Marble Countertops Perth


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Marble Kitchen Benchtops Perth


Marble Kitchen Benchtops Perth


Marble Kitchen Benchtops Perth

Marble Finishes

We can supply marble in a range of colours and styles and various edge profiles – click enlarge on the images below to see some of the granite styles we can supply.

Edge Profiles

We also sell granite worktops in Perth and are experts in engineering stone benchtops in Perth, to find out more contact us.

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