Planning a new kitchen or bathroom, or renovating one, involves endless choices.

The choice of benchtop material is one with a startling number of options to consider. One option which is becoming increasingly popular is engineered stone, sometimes referred to as quartz.

When they hear all of the benefits of having stone benchtops, Perth home and business owners will be able to see why.

Why Stone?

Stone benchtops are not made or cut from an actual natural stone, like marble or granite. Instead, they are engineered using quartz crystals which are bound together with resin.

While this may seem strange and perhaps unnecessary, the process actual creates benchtops with quite a few benefits and even advantages over natural stone.

  • Natural appearance: one of the first and most important benefits to many is that, while engineered, stone benchtops can still look like natural stone.

    So you can have your elegant marble look, but without some of the downsides of actually having marble benchtops. But more on that in a moment.

  • Variety: because stone benchtops are engineered, they can be and are made with nearly endless variety. They are available in too many colors to list, as well as patterns and even textures if you like.

    So whether you want a streamlined, sleek and modern look, or you want a more earthy, natural look, you can get it with stone benchtops.

  • Consistent appearance: especially important to the perfectionist, engineered stone is more uniform. In other words, each design creates identical slabs of stone benchtops.

    This means you can achieve a truly consistent appearance with all of the benchtops and countertops throughout your home, if you wish. This is not possible with natural stone, which has no true consistency and can make “matching” difficult to impossible.

  • Durable: one of the biggest advantages is its brute durability. It does not easily chip, crack or break.
  • Heat resistant: it is also heat-resistant, something that many benchtop materials, even natural stones, are not.
  • Stain resistant: engineered stone is made to be stain-resistant. This is a big advantage over natural stones, which must be treated to be stain resistant and require regular maintenance.

    With engineered stone countertops, spilling juice or coffee will not result in permanently damaged benchtops.

  • Bacteria/mold resistant: Engineered stone is made to be non-porous and non-absorptive. As a result, it resists bacteria and mold accumulation, which is something that most other materials are at risk for.
  • Easy maintenance: perhaps the greatest advantage of engineered stone is that with all of the above durability, it actually requires no regular maintenance to maintain. It is perfect for those needing a quick and easy lifestyle and don’t have the time or memory to put sealers on their benchtops.

Medici’s Stone Benchtops

At Medici Marble & Granite, we are excited to specialize in and offer a variety of stone benchtops Perth home and business owners can choose from.

Our team can help you choose and install a stunning yet highly functioning stone benchtop in your kitchen or bathroom. Check out our showcase page or give us a call today!

Stone Benchtops Perth
Stone Benchtops Perth

Stone Benchtops Perth

Stone Benchtops Perth


Stone Benchtops Perth


Engineered Stone Bench Tops Perth


Engineered Stone Bench Tops Perth


Engineered Stone Bench Tops Perth

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