Thanks for your business! To make this as streamlined as possible, Please follow the next steps

  1. Full picture of the crack from the top:
    Position yourself directly in front ofthe crack on the stone benchtop. Make sure the entire crack is visible within the frame of the camera. Pay attention to lighting conditions to ensure the crack is clearly visible. Take a photo that captures the full length of the crack from the top.
  2. Underside access where the crack is:
    Locate the underside of the stone benchtop where the crack is present. If possible, find a way to access this area. Take a photo that shows the underside of the benchtop and clearly displays the crack. Ensure that the photo is well-lit and the crack is visible.
  3. Area in which the stone is situated:
    Identify the surroundings where thestone benchtop is located, such as the kitchen, sink, stairs, bar, or any other relevant area. Step back and take a photo that includes the entire area around the stone benchtop. This will provide context for the business to assess the environment. Ensure the photo is clear and well-lit.
  4. Fill the form below for a quote:
    Attach the three photos you took: the fullpicture of the crack from the top, the underside access where the crack is, and the area where the stone is situated. Include any additional details or specifications requested by the business.
  5. Wait for the quote:
    After submitting the form, wait for the business to review the photos and provide you with a quote for fixing the cracks, chips, and stains in your stone benchtop.

Thanks again!

Medici Marble & Granite

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