Medici Marble & Granite are specialist installers of Essastone for Perth homes and businesses.

Essastone is an engineered (or reconstituted) stone: 95% natural quartz and 5% resins and pigments. These elements are bonded together to create a slab of stone that is consistent in both quality and appearance. Hardwearing and scratch-resistant, Essastone is perfect for a wide variety of situations:

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Essastone Advantages

An Essastone benchtop is a great showpiece, but it’s also highly practical. It is engineered for impact resistance, scratch resistance, and citrus acid resistance; it’s also low maintenance, food safe certified, and water repellent – perfect for both kitchens and bathrooms.

Essastone is also popular because it is available in a wider range of stylish finishes – perfect for any style of décor.

Essastone Disadvantages

Although hard-wearing, Essastone can be damaged by extreme heat. A hot item taken from a heat source (cooker or microwave) and placed directly on the Essastone countertop may cause cracks due to thermal stress. Users should protect the surface using appropriate heat pads.

Additionally, strong chemicals including undiluted bleach, paint strippers, and nail polish remover can damage the surface. Any spills should be rinsed and cleaned immediately to reduce the chances of damage occurring.

How Much Does Essastone Cost?

Essastone costs vary according to colour and design, but you can expect to pay between $X and $Y per m2. There will be additional charges for installation, including the manual labour required to cut your stone to the required shape and create the required edging style.

Essastone Finishes and Colours

Essastone is available in four finishes and a wide range of colours. The finishes include:

  • Gloss Finish – Finely polished & very smooth
  • Matt Finish – Reduced reflection
  • Weathered – The surface has shallow dimples and creases
  • Igneous – Matt finish with slightly-raised gloss areas; a natural feel

Medici Marble & Granite provide the full range of more than 20 available colours of Essastone which includes favourites such as Bone White, Black Truffle, and Cairo. No matter what colour, design or style you are aiming for, we can provide.

How Much Does Installation Cost?

The cost of installation will depend on the type of installation (kitchen, bathroom, etc.), the size & complexity of the job, and site access. You’ll also need to account for the labour time necessary to make fine adjustments to the size of your pieces to ensure a perfect fit.

Typically, if you are having an Essastone benchtop fitted, you can expect to pay between $X to $Y for a small job and between $Z and $A for larger jobs. Please note these are guidelines only and represent averages; your project may fall outside these ranges.

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