Which Type of Stone Is Right for You?

When choosing the right type of stone for your home or business benchtop, you have different choices. Some of the most popular choices today are:

But how do you choose which type of stone is right for you? First, we recommend assessing which area of the house or business you’ll be working with. Is the benchtop in your kitchen? Your bar perhaps? This makes a difference on the type of stone you’ll use.

Granite Benchtops

Granite is a natural stone known to be resilient and strong, and it comes in multiple options of color. Granite benchtops are perfect for an area in the home or office where there’s constant activity because of its resilience. Granite is the ideal stone for any kitchen counter, as it also has heat-resistant qualities.

Marble Benchtops

Marble is also a natural stone. It’s gorgeous and gives any home or office a classy look. This beautiful stone, however, can stain and scratch quite easily. While marble benchtops look elegant, it’s important to think about where to install them. We recommend this stone for areas where there’s not much traffic. We don’t recommend placing heat (liquids or pans) directly on marble.

Engineered Stone Benchtops

Engineered stone is material made of different elements and bound together to make one solid, good-looking stone. It tends to be more environmentally friendly while remaining strong, easy to clean, heat and stain resistant. Engineered stone benchtops look good and last a long time. With this stone and all stones, be sure to work with people who know the material.

Who Are We?

We are Medici Marble and Granite, an elite marble and granite supplier in Perth. We select the best marble and granite nature has to offer, while also working with engineered stone, which is becoming more and more popular.

What Is Our Specialty?

We specialize in granite benchtops and marble benchtops in Perth. We’re passionate about stone and know how to craft it to its finest potential. Because we’re a family owned business in Perth, we know the local demand and know how to provide customers what they need, on time every time.

When it comes to benchtops in Perth, we’re the best in town. We ensure our customers get the best value, most beautiful and best stone options in Perth for their money. We’re confident in our work, which is why we offer a five-year warranty on all workmanship we complete, in addition to the warranty the stone itself comes with.

Give Us a Call!

Contact us today for your free in-house quote and free measure. Give us the chance to transform your home or office. We know we can achieve and surpass your expectations for granite, marble or engineered stone benchtops in Perth. Our family has been proud to provide our local community with beauty and class. We’d like to show you why our customers are satisfied and keep coming back to us. Call us today!

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