Medici Marble & Granite are specialist suppliers and installers of QStone for Perth homes and businesses.

QStone is an engineered stone consisting of 94% natural Quartz and 6% advanced resin. It is durable and hard-wearing, perfect for many situations throughout the home:

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QStone Advantages

QStone is perfectly suited for areas of your home that see heavy use. It is scratch resistant and water resistant and will resist staining from many common household substances, including tea, coffee, wine, and nail polish.

Because QStone has a low absorption rate (just 0.01%), it is both extremely hygienic and easy to care for – this makes it well-suited to use in food preparation areas.

QStone Disadvantages

Because heat exposure will damage QStone, the manufacturer recommends that customers avoid placing a hot item directly on the surface and use heat mats to protect it. Some strong chemicals will stain and damage the surface of the stone, so caution should be applied at all times when handling these and QStone should only be cleaned with manufacturer-approved cleaning products. Additionally, QStone is not recommended for outdoor use because long-term exposure to sunlight will cause fading.

How Much Does QStone Cost?

QStone comes in many variants, and the price will vary according to your choice. Typically, you can expect to pay between $X and $Y per m2 for the stone plus additional charges for cutting and installation.

QStone Finishes and Colours

QStone is currently available in 24 colours spread across three ranges: the Select range, Premium range, and Marmo range. The colours encompass whites, browns, greys, and blacks, enabling customers to pick the perfect style for their home or business.

Medici Marble & Granite supply and install the entire QStone range, please contact us for more information.

How Much Does Installation Cost?

The cost of installation varies according to the amount of labour involved. This will depend upon the size and complexity of your installation, the quality of site access, and the amount of labour time necessary to cut your stone to size (offsite) and finetune it for an incredible fit (onsite).

Most kitchen benchtops, for example, fall into the range of $X to $Y, although please note these are guidelines only: your project may fall outside these ranges.

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