Apart from being leaders in supplying and installing stone benchtop, our team are also experts when it comes to stone benchtop maintenance, and repair. Below we’ve shortlisted the guidelines on how you can take care of your benchtops so you can save money on maintenance and for it to last for a very long time.

  • Using a clean soft cloth, clean stone surfaces with warm water and a mild detergent (PH7) or a stone cleaner that can be purchased from most shops and even online.
  • When cleaning natural stones, we recommend using methylated spirits and a clean cloth to clean to preserve its brightness and elegance.
  • Make sure to put a coaster under all glasses, especially those containing citrus juices or alcohol
  • Avoid directly putting a hot plate to stone benchtop to avoid damaging its surfaces.
  • Be extra careful when handling heavy /sharp objects on the stone tops
  • Avoid using an aggressive cleaner with a high level of acids or alkaline; like grout or bathroom cleaners as well as tile cleaners.

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