Caesarstone is a high-quality engineered stone made of quartz. It comes in a wide variety of colours ranging from subtle shades of white to unique and vibrant patterns that are impossible to miss and is normally supplied with a highly polished finish. It is popular for its accessible price point and a wide range of colours.

What Are The Advantages of Choosing Caesarstone®?

Caesarstone is hard to scratch and because it is non-porous and waterproof, hard to stain. The fact that it is non-porous also makes it hygienic and easy to maintain because mould, bacteria, and mildew can’t get a purchase on the stone; this makes it ideal for both bathrooms and food preparation areas in kitchens.

Like many manufactured stones, Caesarstone® comes in a broad range of colours and patterns. In addition to the choice of colours being wider than natural stones, the finishes are also more predictable – your fitted stone is likely to resemble any samples you viewed.

What Are The Disadvantages of Choosing Caesarstone®?

Like most stone materials, Caesarstone® can resist some heat, but a rapid change in temperature will still damage it. You should never place a hot pan or tray directly onto the stone, and objects such as slow cookers that can get very hot should be placed on a stand or wooden chopping board so that there is no direct contact with the stone.

Additionally, the manufacturer does not recommend Caesarstone be used outdoors, and doing so will void the 10-year limited warranty.

What Caesarstone® Options Do You Offer?

We supply and fit the complete range of Caesarstone colours, including both the Caesarstone Collection and the Concetto Semi-Precious Collection – more than 75 colours in total.

Our skilled team can cut, join, and fit Caesarstone to suit a wide range of situations. Customers can choose from a wide range of edge profiles, including Pencil, Bullnose, Mitred Apron, Laminated, and Splayed.

N.B. some colours may not be available with every edge finish.


How Much Does Caesarstone® Cost?

The cost of your Caesarstone will depend on a wide variety of factors, the largest of which are the colour of stone you choose (while will determine the base price per sq. meter) and the size and shape of your benchtop.

Additional features such as cut-outs and certain edge profiles will increase the cost due to the additional labour time.

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What About Installation?

Your installation cost depends upon how much time it takes us to install, and it is impossible to provide an exact quote without knowing more about your situation. Generally, larger and more complex jobs will have a higher labour charge. Poor site access, the need for on-site adjustments to fit against wonky walls, and any polishing that needs doing after the fitting will all increase installation costs.

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Is Caesarstone® Easy to Clean?

Caesarstone’s polished finish makes it exceptionally easy to clean. A weekly clean with a gentle detergent is often enough, although it is recommended any spills are cleaned up immediately. Owners should use cleaning products with a pH of between 5 and 11 to avoid damaging the surface of the stone – always check the label before applying.

What Warranty Do You Offer on Caesarstone products?

Caesarstone provides a 10-year warranty on their products. Installation and fabrication are covered by Medici’s 5-year workmanship warranty.

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