Granite makes an immediate impression. A strong one. An impressive one.

Whether in a home-kitchen, restaurant, or office building, granite benchtops, countertops and surfaces create a sense of elegance and strength, while providing truly unique beauty.

It is no wonder that for centuries, granite has been a top natural stone of choice for a wide variety of surfaces in many styles of building.

At Medici Marble & Granite, we are proud to be the experts in Perth for handling all of your granite needs.

Why Buy Granite?

There are many advantages to having granite benchtops.

  • Beauty: granite has a distinct beauty to it that no one denies.

    Because of how it was formed, through intense heat and a slow cooling process, numerous minerals and rocks compose each slab of granite. This is why you see specks, flecks, veins, and patterns of multiple colors in every slab.

    It is this unique quality that makes granite so beautiful and engaging to the eye.

  • Variety: similarly, the very thing that makes granite so beautiful is also why there are so many varieties of colours and shades of granite.

    Naturally occurring in shades of white, black, grey, pink, red, brown, yellow, gold and even some greens and blues, granite has almost an infinite number of possibilities within each color group.

    Add to the color variations the different patterns of rocks and minerals, and you truly do have infinite variety.

    As such, whether you want granite benchtops for your kitchen or bathroom at home, for the office, or for a commercial restaurant, you will find a color and pattern perfect for the setting you are trying to create.

  • Heat resistant: as it was formed through intense, molten heat, granite is extremely resistant to heat produced by ovens. This means if you need, you can set hot pans and dishes right on top of it without doing any damage.
  • Scratch resistant: very few minerals are harder than granite, so it is not easily scratched. Beware, however – though your knives can’t damage it, it can dull your knives!
  • Unique: again, because of how it is formed, every slab of granite has a unique pattern and coloring. There will never be another benchtop or countertop exactly like yours.

    This provides your room a very unique look and makes it stand out in people’s memories.

Our Granite Color Options

At Medici Marble & Granite, we know how to help you take advantage of the wonderful benefits of granite. We are proud to offer 19 different colour and pattern combinations of granite.

Whether you have dark or light colors, fixtures and floors, we offer a wide variety so that you can have granite benchtops that complement the room perfectly while making its own stunning statement.

Our color/style options include:

  • Cosmic Black Polish
  • Galaxy Black Polished
  • Odyssey Polished
  • Pampa Black Polished
  • Kanagawa Polished
  • Juparana Persa Polished
  • Sarus Gold
  • Gialloa Tasila Polished
  • Galileo Polished Antique Brown Leather
  • Bianco Romano Polished
  • Bianco Lorette
  • Bianco Chiavara Polished
  • Bianco Antique Polished
  • Bethel White Polished
  • Emerald Green Polished
  • Juparana Classico Polished
  • Platinum Blue Brush

Our Benchtop Edge Profiles 

Besides offering a large variety of granite colors, we also offer custom edge profiles. Make your granite benchtops and countertops even more stunning and unique, as well as more functional.

We provide over 7 options of edge profiles. Whether you want to add a flair to the aesthetics of your granite countertop with an edge like the Shark Nose Edge, or are looking for something more solid and functional, like the Laminated Edge, our team will be happy to create the look you need.

Making the Right Choice for Your Kitchen

When it is time to create or update your kitchen, bathroom or office space, it can be hard to make the final choices.

Let Medici Marble & Granite help you out. With all of the choices we offer, you will be sure to find the color, pattern and style of granite perfect for your project.

We invite you to take a look at our work online to see for yourself what we can do for you.


Granite Worktops Perth

Granite Worktops Perth

Granite Finishes

We can supply granite benchtops in a range of colours and styles and various edge profiles – click enlarge on the images below to see some of the granite styles we can supply.

Edge Profiles

We also sell marble countertops in Perth and are experts in engineering stone benchtops in Perth, to find out more contact us.

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