Whether you are designing a new kitchen or renovating your outdated one, choosing the perfect benchtop is the most important decision you need to make. Not only the countertop is the piece that connects the cabinetry, flooring and all appliances together but it also sets the mood for the whole space. On top of the aesthetics, the perfect countertop needs to be resilient against scratches, stains and even hot items. Choosing the right benchtop material will also ensure that you spend less time cleaning and maintaining the stone and more time enjoying your new kitchen.

Below are 5 of the benchtop color schemes that are trending in Perth this year:

1. French Grey

Engineered Stone
This color scheme is at the same time sophisticated and timeless due to the subtle variation of soft colors such as greys, blues and antique whites. This sophisticated scheme works with both modern and traditional appliances. Calacatta marble with its white body and bold grey veins is one of the most popular benchtop materials for this color scheme. When designing with this scheme make sure that you use a variety of hues so different surfaces don’t blend in.

2. Navy and Cream

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This matching of Navy and cream is the perfect coordination of two colors with completely different characteristics. Navy is sophisticated and regal and instills a sense of luxury. Cream on the other hand brings warmth and creates a homely feel. You can use any metal finish for the cabinetry fixtures and match them with the other appliances.

3. White and timber

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This color scheme is the top pick for those who love natural designs and timber has long been the top choice for benchtops, whether you use real timber or laminate. This color scheme creates a warm and welcoming feeling and is the perfect choice for a coastal beach house or a forest tree house type villa. Whether you are going with a traditional or modern look, make sure that you do not overuse timber as it can make the space feel dark and small.

4. Matt black

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Matt black has been very popular this year as it creates effortless luxury with maximum flexibility. It matches accents in any color, you can even match it with timber. Black on black has been a staple of elegant design used by interior designers for years and the matt finish gives the space a softer feel.

5. Blues and Greys

Engineered Stone
The combination of a dark blue and light grey tones creates a calming feeling that reminds you of both the sea and the sky. Although, you can decide to flip the colors and use a light blue and dark grey for a more “stormy” look. This theme works best with stainless steel appliances and accents.

Whatever you decide, make sure the color scheme matches seamlessly with the rest of your home and showcases your family’s unique style. Even more importantly, make sure you are using contractors that are experienced and deliver high quality outcomes. The professionals at Medici Marble and Granite make the highest quality benchtops in Perth and they will even give you a quote within 24 hours complete free!

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