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These days the interior design of the bathroom has become something of an art and science. With so many choices for themes, finishes and accessories, there are an infinite number of opportunities for your next bathroom, whether it’s a new one or just a reno. Without doubt the centre piece of your new bathroom will be the vanity, which it will set the mood for the rest of space. In addition, the perfect vanity needs to be functional and practical in order to provide you with all the benchtop space and storage you need. Stone bathroom vanities have become very popular in the last few years in Perth and hence there are a lot of options for you to consider.

Here are 7 steps you will need to follow to make sure you chose the perfect vanity for your bathroom:

1. Consider your family’s needs and preferences

More important than the addition to the resale value of your house, is how much your family will enjoy their new bathroom vanity. So, the first step is to consider who will be using this space and how they will use it. For instance, would you prefer a double sink for the comfort of you and your partner, or would you prefer one sink and lots of counter space for the kid’s bathroom?

2. Plan out the plumbing plan

Although it’s not impossible to change the existing plumbing, it is difficult and may be over your budget. Your best bet is to work with a professional contractor to help you understand the limitations of your plumbing and decide where various pieces of your bathroom will be located. Also, your plumbing might dictate the type of vanity you can use.

3. Draw the plan to determine size and placement

Start by drawing the floor plan of your bathroom, with the measurements of all the walls, windows and doorways. Using your plumbing plan, figure out where the shower, toilet and any other plumbing related features will have to go.

Remember to ensure that there is enough space for the vanity drawers and doors to be open and that there is enough clearance to walk through.

4. Decide what type of storage you need

As you imagine your family using this bathroom, think about what kind of storage they would prefer and how much of it do they need. Vanities are often the top storage choice in bathrooms and can provide a variety of options. Some people prefer drawers and others prefer cabinets, the choice is all yours, you can even mix and match! Just remember that there may be a different clearance space required for each style of storage.

5. Choose your sink style

It’s always good to start with the bowl style and then move on to faucets and taps. Once you know how much benchtop space you need, you can compare different bowl designs. But make sure you consider the undermount and other piping requirements too. The experts at Medici Marble and Granite can help you chose the colour and edge profile of your benchtop that will also inform the type of sink you can use.

6. Pick your material

Stone vanities are highly popular not only due to their timeless and versatile look, but also because they are resilient to wear and tear. The specialists at Medici Marble and Granite can help you choose the best material for your home whether it is Granite, Marble or engineered stone.

7. Find the perfect contractor

Remember your design is only as good as its execution! To ensure that you get exactly the look you want, and your vanity will last you for decades to come. Perth home owners only trust professionals at Medici Marble and Granite, who only use the highest quality stones in Perth from local suppliers and their certified workers ensure a flawless execution. Therefore Medici Marble and Granite has been the top pick for bathroom vanities in Perth for the past 30 years.

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