The list of options is quite long when it comes to selecting the best natural stone for your home or business. But on top of everything else, be confident that the stone material of your choice is appropriate for its purposes in relevance to your home or business establishment setting.

Like marble for example, with its naturally beautiful swirls and patterns, can make a place into something that looks very luxurious and elegant. It can be one of the best options to use for counters in your office’s reception area. However, using marble as a countertop in your home’s usually busy kitchen is not the best idea as it’s not as durable as granite and can get easily stained, scratched, and worn out.

Here are some things to determine before choosing the right type of natural stone for your home or business:

The price of stone materials often depends on the types and the colours you prefer. Also, include the cost of installation and labour based on your design and the complexity or extent of the work.
Choosing the ideal stone finish
Textured, shiny, or matte finish; selecting the right surface of each stone depends on where you plan to have it installed. Obtaining your supplier’s advice and assessment is always a great start of eventually knowing which stone finish is appropriate for a specific area of your home or office that can result in lesser maintenance on your part.
Opting for the right treatments to combine with the stone’s features or characteristics
Edge treatments for your stone material are essential for adding aesthetic element and quality to the whole aspect of your design. Consult your supplier for the kind of treatment suitable for the integration of your design and the stone of your choice and the factors required to maintain its quality.
The application of sealers are one of the most significant measures needed on most, if not all natural stones. Sealers can assure you of enough protection from damages mostly caused by various stains. Your stone experts can tell if your chosen stone material should be sealed or not. They can also give you the best information on how to apply proper care and maintaining the quality and functionality of the material.

At Medici Granite and Marble, you’ll be sure to find and get the most out of your selected stone material for use in either your home or office. Contact us and our team of experts are always ready to provide assessment and recommendations fitted for your requirements.

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